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Digital Operations

Putting all the pieces together so your business can scale is probably one of the hardest challenges for any leader.

It was easier when your team was small enough that you could be involved in everything, but now that it has grown and evolved, you realize you need to entrust critical aspects of the business to other people and processes you don’t directly control.

Giving up that control is scary, especially when you’ve worked so hard to build the business you have. It’s also likely that you or your team needs to learn and develop a whole new set of skills as you face the challenges of growing and scaling your efforts.

For the past decade, I have been working to stabilize, grow, and make sustainable the companies and organizations for whom I have worked. My philosophy has been to focus on doing the fundamentals well to stabilize the business, build teams capable of growing the business, and create processes to scale the business in sustainable and repeatable ways.

My motto always has been to make myself irrelevant. In other words, I strive to build successful operations that no longer needs me to succeed.

This is hard work, and it typically takes a year or more to turn things around, but it can be accomplished with persistence and commitment to change.

Let’s talk about how to help your organization grow.