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On-Demand Webinar: Preparing for a Higher Ed Website Redesign

Learn how to get your Higher Ed website redesign project started successfully.


Website redesign projects are challenging in any industry because of their inherent complexity and uncertainty. Add to those challenges the circumstances of trying to make large-scale change happen in a college or university setting, and it’s no wonder website redesign projects often have a hard time getting off the ground. This on-demand webinar, hosted by SiteImprove, is designed to provide non-technical advice on how to navigate a successful website redesign project on campus.

Key Takeaways:

Learn how to get your website redesign project started successfully — in particular:

  • How to set clear goals to guide the project
  • How to gain authority and direction from major stakeholders
  • How to build a team to instill trust and confidence in the project
  • How to analyze your existing site and its content in a competitive landscape
  • How to evaluate and prepare for working with a design and development vendor
  • How to establish a governance plan that will help you maintain the website after launch

Download my guide to “Preparing for a Higher Ed Website Redesign” from SiteImprove.

Preparing for a Higher Ed Website Redesign graphic from SiteImprove

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