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Leadership & Management

Leadership and management are distinct skills, separate from the disciplines and skill-sets of those who are to be lead and managed.

In other words, having a lengthy career or years of experience in a particular discipline will not necessarily mean a person is a good manager or leader of others within that same discipline. And yet, this is often the criteria by which we evaluate and promote people into leadership and management roles.

It’s not a bad thing to have that discipline experience, but it’s more important to have strong leadership and management skills, as those are the critical functions of the job.

Fortunately, those skills can be learned and developed, but like any other discipline, it takes time and training.

I learned how to manage people at a young age. At 19, I managed a team of 30 high school and college-aged kids for two years at my summer job working at an amusement park. Since then, I have refined my skills in managing people and teams over my 20+ year professional career.

I have gained a deep sense of how to work with a variety of personalities and working styles. I have learned how to get the very best out of people by keeping them focused, motivated, and feeling fulfilled in their work.

I believe strongly in servant leadership, having empathy and compassion for people, but also providing clear directions and expectations, being decisive, and holding people accountable for the responsibilities they have.

Good leadership and management requires a highly dynamic set of communication skills.

It’s obvious when a team is well-led and managed, and painful when it is not. I can help you evaluate where leadership and management may be falling short in your organization, and identify ways you can begin changing it.