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Our Internal Reckoning

Dear Future You,

How did we get to this place?

We never aspired to sink to such low standards. We never intended to be so ruinous to one another. We never set out to hurt the people we should love.

And yet, here we are.

Have we reached the bottom yet?

Let’s not delude ourselves into thinking that the past was perfect — it’s been no crystal stair — but we used to be better to each other. More kind. More generous. More compassionate towards each other. We at least maintained a level of civility and tolerance in our discourse that allowed us to agree or disagree with one another without devolving into insults and anger.

Why have we sunk so low?

Perhaps we have lived in a blissful ignorance until now. Perhaps we have always disagreed so vehemently that our differences would have boiled into hatred had we only been more thoroughly exposed to one another previously. Perhaps our modern world has only removed the veil that covered our differences.

But that sounds like an excuse.

Sit in front of a person. Ask them about their family, about their children, about their parents. Ask them what they want for their children, for their families, for their friends, for their communities. Ask them about what is truly most important to them.

There are few disagreements when we focus on the most important goals we all share.

Now is the time for hard questions. Now is the time to look critically at ourselves — for our internal reckoning.

What compassion have we shown to our adversaries? How are we living a life of grace and virtue towards others? What have we really sacrificed in aide of another?

May those without faults cast the first stones. May the rest of us both seek and offer humble forgiveness, charity, and grace.

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Renfully yours.

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