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Resource Management

Resource management is like playing a very high-stakes game of Tetris at the highest level of difficulty. The consequences of playing the game poorly mean that you under-utilize the people you have on your team and you lose money.

High utilization rates are the life-blood of profitability, and along with managing write-offs (i.e. minimizing the amount of work you can’t bill for). Together they are the keys to hitting your financial targets.

Good resource management is hard to do, especially as your business grows and your team expands in scale. Tools like Harvest Forecast, 10,000ft, and Mavenlink all provide excellent tooling that aide in resource management, but the reality is that good resource management is a specific set of skills, just like project management is a specific set of skills separate from the software used to support PM work.

I have over a decade worth of resource management experience working with teams large and small. I can help you figure out how to better manage your team’s productivity, along with the tooling and processes you’ll need to carry it forward on your own.